Free American roulette: the game of a pure chance

As the flagman of the casino world, roulette became available at all the online casinos, which keep improving it more and more.

The electronic version of roulette did not simply copy its ground-based parent, but upgraded and developed more variants to make the gamble even more exciting. In any version, this game will definitely take your breath.

Free online American roulette overview

The online game uses a specific rolling wheel with numbered pockets of three colors: red, black and green. The American type of roulette has 36 black and red pockets from zero to 36. It also contains two green pockets with numbers zero and double zero, which exist with the single mission to create the house edge around 5%. This house edge is twice bigger than in the European style. The numbers of pockets are not in any particular sequence, however, their sequence is the same in all casinos.

During the game, the online dealer put the small ball on the wheel and then rolls it. All the bets can be placed on a pocket or a set of pockets, in which players believe the ball will finally land. Free American roulette simulator perfectly transmits the original game filling it with authentic images, effects and atmosphere.

How to play free American roulette

The game play is quite easy, since you only need to click the ‘spin’ button. However, the system of betting may seem a bit complex firstly. So in order to play freely, it is important to learn two types on the layout of the roulette table.

The subtypes of inside bets (made on a particular number) are:

  • “straight up” – a single number;
  • “split bet” – two adjacent numbers;
  • “street bet” – the horizontal line covering three numbers;
  • “corner bet” – four numbers block;
  • “line bet” – six numbers in the cell of two lines;
  • “5 number bet” –0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

The subtypes of outside bets (on various sets of numbers) are:

  • black or red –the coloring of the pocket;
  • even or odd –the even/odd characteristic of the pocket;
  • low/high –the number lower than 19 or 19 and more;
  • dozens –the certain dozen (1 out of 3);
  • columns –the certain column (1 out of 3).

Different bets have different odds, and usually odds of outside bets are higher.

Best free American roulette online slots

In the online casino world, the first feature that distinguishes one roulette game from another is its provider. There are the best gaming software providers:

  1. Microgaming – known as the safest among free American roulette providers;
  2. NetEnt;
  3. Betsoft;
  4. ELK Studios;
  5. Scientific Games;
  6. Playtech;
  7. Evolution Gaming;

Each provider guarantees the excellent graphics, interface, effects and gameplay. So you can easily choose any of them and start enjoying your roulette.

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