How to play roulette online

To avoid high losses online play casino roulette game, consider some points:

  • Before starting the game, determine how much money you are willing to spend and don’t go over the set line;
  • Determine the highest winnings above which you will not cross;
  • Set your optimal least and high levels of betting amount;
  • Play only on the system;
  • Control the stock of funds;
  • If you win, save some money and do not let it into the game immediately.

How to win online roulette

The most important in any strategy is discipline and adherence to some rules. Feel free to make changes based on your observations. If there is a suspicion of the effectiveness of the craft, check it on playing online roulette demo mode. With this approach, you will achieve success. You also need to use some recommendations that increase the chances and help to beat. Highlight the main tips:

  • Do not look at different strategies, because this is how you get confused;
  • First, understand one system and try to adjust it to your needs;
  • If there is no result during two or three-game days, you can try another option.

Test each roulette play online strategy in the demo mode. Beginners’ mistake is that they start to play for the highest bets and lose. The free wheel has designed to test the strategy and play without any investments. As soon as you understand the system, you can move on playing roulette online for money.

In case of loss, do not climb on the horn and do not try to win back. If the strategy did not work, if the deposit has lost, you do not need to change the system.

Always check to play roulette online for honesty before the game.

Online roulette play strategies in casinos have divided into several types. Let’s distinguish the main categories:

  • The method of optimal bets. The best betting position on the table has taken into account. Calculations have made on the mathematical principle. The player’s task is to follow the established rules;
  • You are managing the result. The emphasis is not on the position of chips on the screen but the specific events of spins. The system proposes to raise or lower the bet taking into account the previous turn. Such strategies play roulette online usually offer simple options: red or black, even or odd, more or less.

Types of algorithms

The best roulette betting strategies have created on a mixed principle. They take into account both the location of bets and the result of rotation.  This option is suitable for gamers counting on the biggest winnings.

The fugitive

Features of the algorithm are in the change to the current results of the game. Here bets of the same size have applied during the whole time, and they have made on all numbers and zeros. Actions of the player:

  • Bet on any sign;
  • If you manage to win, start all over again;
  • If there is another number on the playing field, close it, and leave the current bet;
  • If you win a bet, you need to clear it.

To increase your chances, choose a casino with a hash function and generate 100 spins. Once these steps have completed, the casino will no longer interfere with the result. It means that you can start the game and look at the number of rotations played.


You need to double the bets in case of loss; until you get a positive result.

It seems it’s a win-win strategy for play roulette online. The player bets on red or black, even or opposite, and increases the lot when missed. If you win, it all starts over again.

Dalamber’s strategy

The strategy requires gamers to bet on an even or odd parity. If you win, you need to trust the same amount. If you lost, you need to double the cost. At the next loss, it is necessary to add the initial bet. It has allowed increasing the lot in case of waste, but it is not allowed to fall below the initial level.

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