Millions of gamblers across the world love online pokies. If you are one of these players, you probably look at the theme, graphics, bonus features, audio effects, and most importantly, payout percentage before you decide whether to invest your time and energy in it or not. Looking for the ideal online pokies for you can be a lot of work especially if you live in New Zealand.

However, don’t fret because we are here to help you. In recent years, technology has revolutionized the world in ways that we had never thought of. Today, New Zealand is home to hundreds of the best online gambling sites that offer the best paying online pokies. Since not every site is ideal for you, we have written this post to help you find gambling sites that have the best payout pokies and increase your chances of winning.

Defining payout percentage

This is the total amount of money that an online gambling site will return to players as wins. For instance, a payout percentage of 95 percent means that a gambling site will return to players $95 for every $100 they place. While most players believe that they’ll get back a specific percentage of the amount they bet as wins as they play with best paying pokie machines, the truth is a huge number of players have to place bets multiple times over time to receive the payout. This will only happen if lady luck is on your side. However, it won’t happen most of the time.

What is a low pay rate?

As you immerse yourself into the world of online pokies, you’ll find that some gambling sites offer low pay rates. Low pay rates range anywhere from 82 percent to 98 percent. Pay rates below 90 percent are extremely low and you should avoid them at all costs.

What is a high pay rate?

You’ll find some pokies having pay rates which range from 96 to 98 percent. You can also find pokies with pay rates that are higher than 98 percent. However, they are usually rare. You should always go for pokies with high return to player rates.

Benefits of online pokies

There are a lot of reasons why most gamblers across the world usually go for the best online slots payout percentage. They include:

  1. Affordable bet limits: Best paying online slots have different ranges. And every range suits players with their budgets.
  2. A huge number of online pokies: Most online gambling sites work together with software providers to ensure that players have a wide variety of online pokies to choose from.
  3. Free pokie bonuses: You can easily claim different pokie bonuses that will enable you to play without risking your hard-earned money.
  4. A huge number of online gambling sites: There are lots of online gambling sites to choose from. All you have to do is signup to start playing and getting returns.
  5. Easy and convenient: Today, you can access any casino game in the comfort of your home so long as you have a smartphone or tablet and a strong internet connection.

The Best Paying Online Pokies

While developers will always release new games and improve the quality of their current games, these are some of the highest payout pokies that we have today:

  1. Book of darkness: This is an amazing game that has been developed by Betsoft Gaming. It has a pay rate of 96.08 percent.
  2. Clover Lady: Clover Lady is another great title that has been developed by Wazdan. And it has a payout rate of 96.21 percent.
  3. Neptune’s Fortune Megaways: This is a popular online poky that was developed by iSoftBet. It has a payout rate of 96.03 percent.

Choosing the right online casino

Now that you know the best online pokies, you need to figure out how to choose an online gambling site. While there are lots of gambling sites that you can access today, you need to figure out which one is ideal for you to avoid falling into the hands of scammers. You should look at:

  1. Licensing: In the online gambling world, there are both licensed and non-licensed sites. You should always go for licensed casinos. Unlicensed casinos are usually managed by scammers. If you sign up on this gambling site, you’ll end up putting yourself at risk.
  2. Auditing for randomness: There are a lot of auditing agencies out there that look at the operations of online gambling sites to ensure that they are running according to the law. A highest payout online casino will allow these institutions to audit their books.
  3. Software developers: Without software developers, online casinos wouldn’t exist. Software developers allow players to enjoy their games following the laws. If a casino has been developed by big companies such as NextGen, Microgaming, and NetEnt, you should be confident that the gambling site is legitimate.


The best payout pokies usually have a high percentage of payouts. If you’ve been looking for the best way to win, pay close attention to the characteristics of the game.

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