Rules of offline and free online Roulette and the no-money game advantages

Many online casinos do care about their clients and offer fans of table games to practice a bit before gambling for money and try any variant of free online Roulette. They let gamblers feel which type of this game they prefer.

However, the free mode is available only slots, not with real dealer live games. In any case, this no-money trial helps a gamer learn the game rules.

How to play free online Roulette for beginners

All online Roulette free bet variants are indicated on the special field called a table. Players make bets with chips, placing them in a selected area. Tables for European and American free online Roulette differ. European variant has 37 sectors (36 numbers plus 0 (Zero)). The USA variant uses 38 numbers (additional 00 pocket). The ball dropped on the wheel determines the round outcome. Each player uses chips to make the bet.

Newbies (especially in offline casinos) should learn some terms about chips like:

  • Check Rack — special box for chips;
  • Stack — 20 chips block;
  • Quarter Bet – bet for 4 chips;
  • Wheel Chips (chips for offline mostly, not free online Roulette version).

How to make bets

The dealer is responsible for starting and running the game. He gives out chips to newcomers and gives winnings to the winners at the end of each round. Before throwing the ball, the dealer informs that there are no more bets. If a player still wants to change his bet after the words “no bets more,” he can only do this verbally. The dealer has the right to accept the amendment or not. However, in the case of online Roulette free bet, it won’t work.

In a free online Roulette version with a live dealer, everything is the same, but when it comes to Roulette slots (simulators), a gambler plays with a machine. Whatever version of Roulette a gambler plays, the goal is always the same — to guess the result of the ball falling. Bets on a winning number or group of numbers will bring a person different payouts, depending on the size and type of bet.

There are two types of bets in Roulette: internal and external. Internal bets are placed on a specific number of small groups of numbers. And external bets are made on large groups of numbers. External bets guarantee smaller wins but are more likely to succeed.

Advantages of a free Roulette

With a free online Roulette no download version, players spend no money on the game and get experience. This option gives newbies an opportunity to remember the rules and check if the strategies work. Skilled gamblers can simply play Roulette online free for relaxation and fun: the no-money game can become a kind of a rest after a stressful betting.

In any case, the free (or Demo) mode is a great gift for those, who love this game and wants to use every possible chance to play it, even when he has no credits. Roulette Demo mode is the first step to become a professional player in the future.

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